Hello my name is Sid , and I wear many hats as the clinic cat here at Prairie Lake Veterinary Clinic… (literally). Not only am I the CEO, and resident royalty, but also serve as head of security, where I strive to keep the employees safe from the laser pointer, ensure proper exercise techniques by knocking everything I find onto the floor, and most importantly warn my people of those pesky birds that like to frequent our yard. I also oversee production while perched atop the refrigerator during busy afternoons.

My tale of becoming the mascot and clinic cat started when I showed up to Dr. Dawkins house, looking for a free meal and a place to call home. They brought me to the clinic a couple of days later to hang out and wait for a chance to schedule my spay, because to truly call this my home I was required to be fixed, but boy were they surprised when my tummy kept growing and growing. (Little did they know I was pregnant!). When they realized I was a 6 in 1 package deal they postponed my surgery and I had 5 of the most adorable kittens, right there in their break room. They wanted me to keep them in the back bathroom for safety reasons, but it lacked the window view that I longed for. Each and every morning, that English lady would move my precious fluff balls back to the back, where I would grab my kitten and race back to the front. It became somewhat of a game, which in the end I gracefully ALLOWED them to win. Once my kittens were grown, I was spayed, and began my reign as clinic queen!

Now a days I can be found sleeping in various places; however, my 3 favorites are my window bed, my heated bed in the pharmacy, equipped with my cat nip duckie, or when fresh laundry is added to the towel cupboard I can be found in there. I continuously have to remind these people when feeding time is, as well as when I deserve treats at the end of the day. While here I was diagnosed with allergies, and now get fed a special diet along with medication twice daily (with treats)…. This is the life! If you need a little fun in your life, you can follow me on Facebook, under the name of Sid Cat, I’ll be the one in the picture! Now I must return to my duties /go back to bed. Thanks for reading!

Location Hours
Monday8:00am – 5:30pm
Tuesday8:00am – 5:30pm
Wednesday8:00am – 5:30pm
Thursday8:00am – 5:30pm
Friday8:00am – 5:30pm

Key Services

* Abdominal Ultrasound
* Anesthesia
* Boarding
* Dental Procedures
* Emergency Receiving
* Flea & Tick Products
* In-House Laboratory

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