Dec 21 2021

What does the term “hook right up” imply for you?

What does the term “hook right up” imply for you?

I’ve seen folks need that phrase to indicate from “meet” to “have sex”, and everything in between. When someone states to you “Wanna get together?” precisely what do you would imagine they’re asking?

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    to indicate this means allows have sexual intercourse sometimes it indicates allows spend time; for me it depends on that is claiming it

    It always suggest “meet”, now this means “have sex”.

    I’m floating around Force and I also know that increase operators on KC-135 Stratotankers (aerial refueling jets) use the term “hook upwards” to symbolize that they’re about to join with a trailing planes to start fueling they while they are aloft.

    Today, as to the most essence of your own matter, if someone askes me personally if I wish ‘hook up’, I’m choosing the concept they desire to hang out, have a good time, and luxuriate in each other people organization. Kind of like meeting on a romantic date, partly or totally.

    Totally is determined by the perspective. My pals have used they both approaches. Like “lets attach on the weekend” or “jimmy and that I completely connected last night!!”

    It indicates “hang on” to me when a person asks whenever we need “hook up”

    If a friend requires us to “hook right up,” it generally speaking indicates fulfill someplace. If some guy whom I’m not simply set up friend with asks me, it probably means some thing a tad bit more effective. Easily state I “hooked upwards” with some body, I probably indicate that I generated away using them, perhaps a tad bit more, but We differentiate between “hooking up” and also sex with some body.

    better at the very least it’s clear I’m perhaps not incorrect to believe its definition are ambiguous….

    Today i simply need to determine which meaning a specific individual enjoys. 😛

    If it is just friends I think ‘let’s meet up and hang out’. If it’s some one I’m keen on, as an example, it could or may well not imply to get actual with that people. It could mean different things, based on who you are talking about.

    Really does “hooking up” now usually suggest gender?

    I go to indicate intercourse with anyone, often without strings affixed, yet not always intercourse by itself.

    I imagined it had been gender with no strings attached…but I’m older, and could getting completely wrong! ; )

    “Hooking up” in my experience = One night stay.

    I always familiar with use it in order to imply hooking up up with somebody—meeting someplace: “Maybe we are able to hook-up when we’re in both the city.” My personal sons have-been correcting me personally instead intensely, advising that towards the young people it means informal gender. I dedicated a rather terrible faux pas by it for the wrong-way facing their friends.

    As I was at class school and highschool, “hooking right up” constantly meant “making completely.”

    Hooking-up is french making out imo

    Relies on that is saying they i assume. Easily happened to be to make use of it I would indicate attach in a few intimate ways. Nothing from creating off to sex… No particular indicating for my situation, I always just inquire whenever others utilize it.

    @krose, do you ever signify each time anyone utilizes the term “hook up” inside position, you must inquire whatever imply by it? Today, that yes music if you ask me like it defeats the purpose of having slang

    @jeruba- haha yeah but I am not saying up on the most recent terminology. My buddies see I’m a big loser exactly who can’t maintain era. *edit- I’ll you should be like “Wait… Do you…” And usually create a gesture. 🙂 Next they’ll laugh and that’s my address, or “NOOOO. We Simply produced out”.

    HOOKING UP…. Hmmmm i nevertheless thought their guys mostly inquiring a girl to hook-up meaning they wanna go out and possibly have a blast also…

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